I know it's obnoxious when people boast about their partners on the internet.

But you're just going to have to deal with the obnoxiousness for a moment because it's official: I have the best partner ever. The best. The bestest. His awesomeness is unbounded. His adorableness unmatched. He probably puts your stinky boyfriends to shame and that's the truth.
So I'm obnoxious. I know. But at least I didn't call him a cutesy blogger nickname like my "hubs" or the "DH" (which stands for darling husband). Be grateful for small mercies.

Anyway, a couple of months back, the world's official reining Best Partner Ever got me, the world's official reining Most Obnoxious and Silly Blogger-Type Person Ever, a trip to NYC for my 30th birthday. And now, the trip is upon us. Or practically upon us. We're heading down in October. The flights are booked. The hotel is booked. We're nearly on our way.

I'm excited. (Can you tell I'm excited?)

I have wanted to go to NYC since I was about six. And that's saying a lot, because I'm slightly agoraphobic. But who cares about minor neuroses and mental illness at a time like this? We're talking about New York City, people. A girl has to prioritize.

And speaking of prioritizing, that's why I'm posting. I need some advice. We've only got about 4 days in the city booked and I need your expert and inexpert input on what to do. We're planning to ramble for the most part, but if you've got some tip (restaurant recommendations, bars worthy of note, shops that an anti-capitalist and a Goodwill addict might like visiting) I need to know. Send me your comments and I'll send you my eternal devotion.

Autumn in New York. It's happening. I'm excited. (Have I mentioned I'm excited?)
* Central Park image by Piotr Bizior from Stock Xchng.
* Buildings & Cab photos by Niels Jansen from Stock Xchng.



09/20/2010 18:22

I love NYC! ABC Home (a must see!), artichoke dip at Freeman's, mini donuts at Balthazar, shopping in Soho, the Moma & the Moma store, walking towards the city over the Brooklyn Bridge, shopping, walking, more shopping, more eating etc.

09/21/2010 09:48

You have to check out the store "Yellow Rat Bastard", if only for the name. I also second the MoMA! FAO Schwartz (the big piano), go up the Empire state building. Shop on Canal St... There's so much touristy stuff to do that your brain will ache. But in a good way, like a popsicle brainfreeze.

09/21/2010 10:25

Thanks guys. I am getting more excited by the moment. We're definitely going to walk over the Brooklyn Bridge.

Can't wait for the brain freeze. So worth it.

09/21/2010 11:25

If you're going to hit Canal Street (and I do recommend it), make sure you go inside the large supermarkets--there's at least one that has a downstairs FULL of super cheap dishes and tea/sake sets. It's the perfect place to look for random pieces to "fit in" to non-matching sets, or to buy a whole new matching set. You'll also be around the block from Ferrara's Bakery (what's New York without a great cannoli?!) Speaking of dessert, "Rice to Riches" is a must if you're a fan of rice pudding.

I'm also a fan of the city's themed bars--like "Employees Only" or "Agave" (if you're down near Washington Square Park and like speak-easys or tequila). Really, just make sure that you leave yourself some time to wander and find new things, since the city is changing all the time.

And don't forget to leave time for a walk through Central Park! You should be just in time for some gorgeous fall foliage and it's a good way to recover from the brain freeze. :)

09/21/2010 14:53

Thanks Kelly. As it happens, I LOVE tequila. (Really, I do.) Great suggestions.


So happy for you, you're going to love it!! I've been twice already this year and plan on going back in December.

09/30/2010 09:26

Have fun on your trip. Wish I was going with you and your amazing, perfect, and awesome partner, but things might get awkward with me sleeping on a cot next to your bed. So I'll just..stay here.

09/30/2010 10:12

Thanks Michelle and Angela!

Michelle - I have a feeling I'm going to become addicted.

Angela - You're already in Chicago, though, so that's pretty cool. No need to travel. :)


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