September always gets me thinking about change. It feels like there's always something new to examine. New school, new city, new home, new job, new relationship, new whatever. New life.

But this year, I'm staying put, right where I am. I guess thanks to a combination of happiness and luck.

So instead of looking forward as I am wont to do when the weather turns, I thought I'd do a little looking back instead.

1980 to 1998: Toronto's Hillcrest Village, intersection of St. Clair Ave. W and Alberta Ave.
1998 to 2002: Queen's University, Kingston, ON (in the student ghetto), Alfred St.
2001: Study exchange in Herstmonceux, East Sussex, UK, Seven Sisters beach
2002 to 2004: Vancouver's West End, Haro St.
2004 to 2007: Vancouver midtown, intersection of Broadway and Granville St.
2007 to 2008: Toronto's Annex, Bloor St. W
2009 to Present: Toronto's Cedarvale, Glen Cedar bridge
Snow photo, St. Clair, Toronto, ON by Chlywhite from Flickr.
Kingston street photo, Queen's University, ON by ct208 from Flickr.
Seven Sisters photo, East Sussez, England, UK by Jen Selk.
Haro St. post photo, Vancouver, BC by PinoyMonkey from Flickr.
Granville & Broadway photo, Vancouver, BC by sabel from Flickr.
Annex bicycle photo, Toronto, ON by tryone warner from Flickr.
Cedarvale pedestrian bridge photo, Toronto, ON by Lone Primate from Flickr.



09/10/2010 12:12

So... do you live under the bridge or on top of it?


09/10/2010 12:21

...all of us are done for.

You live in a beautiful world, yes you do, yes you do!

09/10/2010 12:29

Neil, for someone in grad school, you're very unimaginative. Wait... no you're not. Sometimes, what we remember isn't a specific place. It's a feeling. That may or may not be called up by an image. Get it? :p

Vanessa - yes!


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