Spent yesterday running all over town on various news stories. Hit pot activist Mark Emery’s bail hearing in the morning, and the Vancouver airport in the afternoon. (To see how travellers were feeling about the grounded flights to Toronto. Guess what? They were annoyed.)

It’s always annoying to spend a lot of time researching something and working on it, only to have it appear as a teeny 100 word piece – a definite draw back to working at a short-format publication that has little respect for good storytelling.

That said, yesterday was a good day. A story I’ve been working on for months (literally) finally got published. Originally titled Chlamydia Nation, it’s available on the Features page now. One of the organizations I interviewed – Options for Sexual Health (formerly Planned Parenthood) - actually called me to say how happy they were with the piece and to ask if they could republish it on their website. So that was kind of nice.

In other sex related news, I’ve finally posted last week’s books column on the books page (you’ll see what I mean if you read it), and I’ve thrown a couple of new things onto the Music and Misc. pages too.

The Turin Brakes piece was originally much longer. And the band gave a really great interview. But ads trump editorial, so it had to be cut at the last minute. Sucks. They’re a good band. And they're REALLY nice guys too.

That’s all for now,

P.S. What’s up with the word proactive? Wasn’t the word active enough?
Holy crap on a bun, I’m tired. Spent the weekend working - on actual work stuff as well as on this home improvement thing for the apartment. But as usual, my “super fab, super easy” idea ended up taking way longer than expected.

Basically, I wanted to build these wall-mounted shelfy things. Sort of like picture rails. They sell them at Pottery Barn, which just happens to be right down the street from my house, but what can I say? I’m cheap. I didn’t want to buy the shelfy things for $160 when I knew I could make them myself for less than $20.

It seemed like a good idea at the time.

To make a long story short, and sweeter than it probably was, the shelfy things are up. And they look good. And they cost less than $20 bucks. Even better, I used the nail gun again and still have full use of both my eyes.

I’m calling the whole thing a success.

Victor and author of history,

P.S. Lots of stories to be published this week. Get pumped. I know I am. Can’t you tell?
At my last job everything was easy. All I had to say was “I’m from the Sun” and everything was tickety boo lickity split. For all the call backs I get now, I might as well be leaving messages that say “Hi! I’m Nobody! Call me back so I can poo on your face.”

Working at a start up is totally ruining Christmas.

Harry Harry Harry. He’s all I can think about.

Even with my birthday happening, and fun stories about the Hell's (Hells?) Angels to write (not), all I really have on my mind is Harry Potter.

I haven’t actually started The Half Blood Prince in earnest, even though I’ve had it in hand for a few days. I’m trying to delay the inevitable I guess. It's really freakin’ hard! I know people who are already finished and it’s driving me crazy.

On one hand, I want to be done so we can all just hash it out. On the other, if I read it too fast I know I’ll just feel let down. Like it’s the day after Christmas or something.

For those interested, I’ve posted my latest column on the book page already. It’s all about my Potter predictions. Only one of them is serious (I didn't want to ruin anything) and the other two are just silly. If you can't guess which ones, you're slow and should probably be eaten by cheetahs. But FYI: if you already know whether I was right or not on the main one, keep mum. Anyone who sends me spoilers will suffer terribly.

Fallen victim to muggle mania,
All that talk about not wanting to blog and I’m back already. Considering how much I’m forced to write on a daily basis you’d think I wouldn’t want to spew out any more, but being able to write exactly what comes out of your head, instead of working it into some sort of cohesive whole is surprisingly refreshing.

Was at the Vancouver Folk Festival last night to interview up and comer Leslie Feist, which was interesting, but not particularly fun. Despite what everyone seems to think, being a reporter is rarely fun.

Don’t get me wrong, Feist and her band mates were cool, but most musicians acquiesce to interviews because they have to, not because they’re keen on it, and they tend to be suspicious. Worried about the power of the poison pen, I guess.

Realizing that you’re being lumped in with all the bitter vipers of the media world is kind of depressing. I mean, even if I am a corporate sell out who can only boast about writing about other people who are artistic instead of being artistic myself, I’m still nice, right?

All folked out,

P.S. Got my Harry Potter already, so there are perks to this job.
So it’s only two days till my birthday.

The big... well nevermind. I know. I’m still a baby.

Actually, I don’t know – I’ve been sprouting grey hairs all year and they’re totally freaking me out - but people keep telling me I’m practically still in diapers, so it must be true, right?

Anyway, I’ve been resistant to blogging because I’ve always thought it was pretentious and self-absorbed, but it seems like everyone thinks I should give it a go, and I’m nothing if not obedient. And I'm less than nothing if I'm not pretentious and self-absorbed.

I can't promise anything. I may or may not keep the site updated and I have no idea how often I'll blog. This site was meant to be a simple archive of my published work, but since starting at DOSE in April, I’ve already published around 200 stories. And then there's all the drivel I wrote before that. I've decided it would br crazy to try to archive it all. The new plan is to be selective.

By all means, tell me what you think. You can email your feedback via the link on the main page.

Talk at you soon. . . maybe,