So Nate and I, along with our friends Matt and Rachel, are going on a road trip.

First stop? Montreal. Because we have to stop somewhere, so we might as well visit friends and relatives at the same time.

Creative commons Old Montreal photo by Christine592 from Flickr.
Second stop? A cottage on the Bay of Fundy (Nova Scotia side.) Camp fires! S'mores! Seafood! Mud flats! It's gonna be amazing.
Creative commons Bay of Fundy photo by su_anna from Flickr.
Third stop? Halifax. See more friends and explore the town.
Creative commons Halifax photo by david_pics from Flickr.
Fourth stop? Fredericton. Attend a conference (arguably, the purpose of the trip) and recover from the drinking.
Creative commons Fredericton photo by Jeannine St. Amand from Flickr.

Then home again, home again, jiggity jig.

Sounds like tonnes o' fun, right? Any advice? Any east coast experts out there who want to weight in about great things to do and/or see?