Let’s go Rome! For those of you who don’t know, I am off to England and Italy tomorrow for three weeks of social and quasi-religious fulfilment. (Read: seeing friends, drinking cider, and buying Pope paraphernalia which I hope will include pictures of him - JP, not B - smoking a fatty).

In other, more professional news, my piece about Geek Love appears on the cover of The Tyee today, in honour of St. Valentine and all the evil he hath wrought

Other than that, nothing is new. I am hosting a Gilmore Girls soiree tonight, and Big D is going to the bar with his buddies. Now, THAT, my friends, is love.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

It always leaves me laughing,
First off, a note to the slowpokes: the Weekly Scoop story mentioned in my last post has already been replaced by the current week’s issue, so you missed the boat. HOWEVER, I will probably post a PDF in a few days, so you’re not entirely out of luck.

In other news: I got a rad email today telling me about something called the Selk’Bag. Now, how cool is that?

As pointed out by Ivan, I may be the only person for whom this is a must have.

NOT the corpse kind,
Another one of my Weekly Scoop Magazine stories hit stands this week. It’s about Paris Hilton and how she’s, like, so totally over, you know? The issue is dated Feb. 6, 2006 and features the ever-present Brangelina on the cover. My story’s on page 44. There’s a preview on the website (lower left link: Get The Scoop Now!) but you need to buy the mag (you cheapies!) to read the whole deal.

The February issue of Vancouver View has also arrived, chock full of my oh-so-interesting advertorial content. Will post that stuff as soon as I get around to scanning it.

In other news, I went crazy yesterday and bought a plane ticket (actually, a number of plane tickets) to the UK and Europe. Will hostel it up in London - maybe for the last time, as I may be getting too old for beds that smell like old man armpit and/or ass. Will catch up with Miss Weezer (Steel Magnolias, not Buddy Holly) in Brighton. Will see Rome (finally). Will detour to the Smoke on the way home. Will most likely buy shoes. Will return poorer than before, but happy happy happy.