There are a lot of things I don't understand. Like string theory. I don't understand string theory. And homophobia. What's up with that?

Cheerleaders and personal trainers? Confounding.

Other things that make no sense? The title of this post, sure. But more importantly, the fact that, before last night, ceviche wasn't even on my radar.

Cheviche, my friends, is fricken AMAZING.

What the heck is it, you ask?

It's raw white fish "cooked" (or pickled, sort of) in the acidic juices of lemons or limes. I made this recipe from Nigella Lawson last night and it's damn good. I stand behind it 100%. Though I don't star my reviews, if I did, I would give this recipe four stars.

Ceviche is, in my opinion, like heroin. (Except healthy.)  I'm addiced to it now. I want to make it again immediately. That's how good it is.
SUPER EASY CEVICHE (basically by Nigella Lawson, with minor variations)

2 (or more) fillets of white fish (red snapper, black cod, white snapper, whatever)
Lemon juice (bottled is fine)
Limes (2)
Cilantro (1 fresh bunch -  use 1/2)
Green onions (1 fresh bunch - use 1/2)
Oregano (1 tbsp dried)
1 medium jalapeno pepper

Dice the fish and lay the pieces out in a shallow dish.
Douse the fish in lemon juice and the juice of the two limes (until barely covered).
Stir in the orgegano, salt and pepper.
Leave standing for approximately 10 minutes. You will see the pinky fish-flesh turn white. It's cooking! (Once the fish looks reasonably white, take it out of the milky lemon mixture and set the fish aside. You can discard the lemon juice mixture or use a little of it to make a dressing if you want.)
Chop onions and cilantro. No need to be perfect about it, but make relatively small pieces.
Seed and chop the jalapeno.
Add all the green stuff to the fish mixture and mix it around. Add salt to taste if you must.
You're done.

You can eat the chopped ceviche on chips, sort of like a fish salsa. That's what Nigella did. We did it too. It was pretty good, but having tried it, I think it would actually be better (and healthier) in a salad. Maybe mixed into a baby spinach salad.

So yummy. So fast. So easy.

Go ceviche, go!

Caveats: Okay, okay. So I know raw fish isn't for everybody. If you're a vegetarian or vegan, obviously, this isn't going to work for you. And if you hate lemon juice... no go. And if you can't get fresh fish, it's probably not the best idea. And it's better in summer than winter because it's god a really fresh, bright taste. But besides all that, it's good. I swear it is.

* Raw Snapper image taken from Maureen Makes It.


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