For years people have been telling me to check out Karen Found It, a small Toronto vintage boutique. And finally, a couple of months ago, I did. I wanted to blog about it at the time, but the shop's website always seemed to be down and I wanted to be able to link to it, so I delayed. 

The truth is, my Karen Found It experience wasn't great. The shop was teeny, the wares were cool, but too pricey for my means, and the place just had a generally dusty and deserted vibe. And now I know why. 

Karen Found It was/is closing. (In fact, it might be closed already.)
Today, I decided to finally sit down to write my review of the shop, and Googling for images led me to a Blog TO post, which was followed by the following comment from shop owner  Karen Wilson:

"We are closing KFI and are having a sale! Come by and find a bargain! No reasonable offer refused. Help us move our inventory! Thanks for your patronage over the last 6 years, it has been a good run. See you at the market somewhere, sometime soon.

This news made me sort of sad. As someone who's trying to make a go of a vintage shop herself, it's a bummer to see one go under. I don't know why Karen decided to close her place. Her stuff was definitely cool, from hipster leather and vinyl bags, to funky old housewares, to jewellery made from vintage silver spoons (pieces she told me were made by her father, which is kinda cool). And after six years and so many people recommending it to me, I sort of expected the place to be thriving. Alas.

I feel like I missed the boat. 

Anyway, RIP Karen Found It. I hope Karen keeps finding stuff, wherever she ends up next.


10/30/2012 18:14

I'm sorry you missed the boat. KarenFoundIt started as a teeny booth in Cookstown which then moved to a space in Mirvish Village. After nearly 5 years on Markham Street, we moved to Christie Street. It has been a good run, but it came time to move on. Uprooting the store again was not in my plans and remaining at the Christie Street location became problematic so I made the decision to close that chapter and move on. I'm excited to continue the search for intriguing wares and share at local Vintage markets. (Junction Flea) I am returning to the world of Film & TV buying and pursuing Interior Design and will always be on the hunt for Vintage and Antique treasures. It never goes away. I think it's in my blood.
Thank you to everyone who visited the shop!

10/30/2012 19:40

As a first time home buyer with a violent distain for all things Ikea, I have missed the crap out of Karen's store everyday that it has been closed.

I tried spending my money on that block of Queen Street West by Roncesvalle, but I passed by 3 times on 3 different week days and stores were just closed for no reason. The shops that were open were selling plastic chairs for over $200 or things that were just broken and dirty and $200.

I also tried the Junction, the East end and Craigslist.

Furnishing my home has been painful now that Karen has closed her doors, it was a great store and there is no other like it in the city.

10/30/2012 20:00

Since posting this blog, I've had so many people tell me (in real life) how much they loved Karen Found It. I DEFINITELY missed out. I'm glad to hear you're going to keep selling at the Junction Flea, Karen! I will definitely check that out. And Sara, I'm sorry you've been having such bad luck. If I come across any really wonderful vintage shops (that aren't like the usual Queen West places, which I agree, are disappointing) I will be sure to spread the word.


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