So, I'm not usually much of a jewellery person. I mean, I LIKE jewellery. I like looking at it, and I admire it on other people, but owning to a raging inherited contact allergy, I can't wear much metal adornment myself. I break into horrible rashes and hives. Even my vintage rose gold wedding ring irritates me sometimes.

Anyway, as a result, I hardly every post about jewellery. But today, I just had to share something with you:

City and Cedar - Handcrafted Jewellery made by a girl I know right here in Toronto.

I don't know Rachel -- the artist -- well. She's the partner of a guy who is a friend of my husband (not exactly a close connection), but DAMN, I like her stuff. (In fact, I almost descended into a little jealous rage when I first saw her website, which made my website look kind of hokey.)

Anyway, take a look at some of this awesomesauce jewellery. It's a mix of boho/industrial styles, urban and hippie chic at the same time. Here, look - I've pulled a few of my faves:

This is the Kunda Flower Bracelet. ($15 each - probably the most inexpensive piece in the shop). Looks so good layered.
Next up, two incarnations of the Neci necklace:
And finally here's a bad-ass necklace called the Kita:
If I wasn't wildly allergic to brass, I would buy some of this stuff in a wink, but since I can't, I thought I'd spread the word to you in the hopes that you might buy a piece of two and let me live vicariously. (Note: some of City and Cedar's other pieces include customizable ribbon, wood beads, and leather cords. You can definitely make any of their pieces your own.)

Seriously... this stuff is funktastic. Pretty, feminine, unique, urban, etc. Love it. And I'm so happy to be able to give a little blog shout-out to a local artisan who's making a go of something crafty and wonderful instead of giving in to a life as a cog in the corporate machine. I really want people like this to succeed, especially when they're super talented.

Anyway. Last, but not least, here's a sweet (and very hip) behind the scenes video Rachel made of the recent City and Cedar "look book" photo shoot.
Bejewel yourself, my friends. You won't be sorry.