As some of you guys know, I work in the Queen West area of Toronto, right at the edge of Parkdale. And in nice weather, I like to wander the neighbourhood during my lunch hour. This wandering has lead me to a lot of great vintage stores.

In particular, one I'm loving more and more lately is 69 Vintage.

One of a small chain/group of shops, the 69 Vintage on Queen carries a lot of country/western style garments. Think leather boots, bags and jackets. Pendleton and Hudson Bay style patterns. And beautiful wools.

They've also got some great old dresses - both glittery and saloon-style.

I pop in regularly, but don't often buy because it CAN get a little pricey. (At least for my budget, which is miniscule, though in general, items range from $50 to $150, which seems fair considering their high quality). That said, I did find something for Nathan recently: A COACH Beekman Briefcase (in a rugged, worn tan). It was $60, but retails for over $500 new, so I'm happy with the deal.

(While we're talking price, I should also say that there are often $10 items at 69 Vintage as well. Ironic vintage tees and that sort of thing.)
Back in 2007, Robyn Urback at BlogTO did a piece on the store, but all I really remember about it was her focus on the smell... as in, the smell of vintage stores. She LOVED that 69 Vintage didn't (in her opinion) smell.

People are so weird. Why do so many people think second hand stores smell bad? It's all in your head, weirdos. Do they smell different than new stores? Yes. Do they smell unique in the way that people's houses smell unique? Yes, they do. But don't be a snob, please. It's totally lame. Just because another person's body has touched a piece of clothing, doesn't mean it's going to smell. Geeze.

Anyway, here are some ads and images that capture the 69 Vintage look:
Creative commons image by moon angel, from Flickr.
Dolce & Gabbana ad from fall/winter 2008/2009.
The Dude, fromThe Big Lebowski. If you liked his cardi - read more about it on the Pendleton blog.

If you like the look of the stuff above, you'll like 69 Vintage. I suggest you check it out.


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