So, if you've been paying attention, you know I've had some rug problems lately. I had to throw out a jute number that contained worms. It was disgusting. 

The worms have been eradicated and the house is bug-free again.* But the guest room floor is also bare, and that, more than anything else, calls to mind one of my life's minor tragedies: The loss of my grandparents' Beni Ourain rug.

Here's a very similar vintage one that costs, oh, about $4000+ CAD.
The one I ALMOST got would have cost just as much, if not more. It was very large. It was cream, with a brown diamond pattern (of course). It was hand-woven from berber wool. It was totally authentic. It lived in my grandparents' den, and now, it's gone. Lost to the landfill or to the Goodwill. On occasion, my heart aches for it.

The truth is that it was promised to me several times over the years, as were various other small things that I, as a design-lover, seemed to appreciate more than others in the family, but I never received it. This happens and it's no one's fault. Moving is chaotic, people get old, personalities clash, and plans fall apart. Inheritances are weird and shit happens. I don't think anyone swiped it from me. I just feel bummed about it, you know? I should have explained that it was valuable, at the very least because I'm pretty sure it ended up in the garbage, which is wrong wrong wrong. Depressingly wrong.

Anyway. I really miss that rug. All it needed was a good cleaning. :(

Now, let's twist the knife a little bit and take a look at how a Beni Ourain rug looks in context. (Hint: They look damn good.) 
This one's in a couple named the Shaffer's house. Photo by Max Kim-Bee for Country Living.
Design by Roman and Willams.
Cindy Crawford's room, designed by Michael S. Smith, as seen in Elle Decor. Photo by Simon Upton.
Sigh. Goodbye forever, beautiful rug. I am poor and will never see the likes of you again. It hurts to have come so close.** Feel my pain, blog readers.

* Until the centipedes come, of course. I can hardly WAIT until the warm weather. Real spring! Hooray for old Toronto houses and their summertime crawlies! Yayayaya! I love it! By which I mean I hate and despise it. Centipedes are the effing worst. Disgusting.

** It doesn't hurt that much. I mean, my life is pretty good. This is a very privileged complaint, and I definitely know it. I'm just being hyperbolical, as is my wont.


03/26/2014 8:42am

It is beautiful. I'd be sad too... In fact I'm sad for you.

03/26/2014 3:41pm

I traveled quite a bit in Asia and places like Morocco in the old days where they have amazing rugs for much cheaper. I've often said that if I ever bought a great rug, I would just fly over there and get one for the same price. Never done it though! Something to think about ;)

04/17/2014 4:20pm

This rug is really beautiful. It kind of makes my heart ache to think of it's demise. I'm sorry that you didn't get it.


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