Hey thrifty, crafty, chic friends. 

I'm back.

Been on holiday for the last couple of weeks, as I believe you know, but I arrived home determined to get blogging again. And with that in mind, I did a little project this week that I'd been planning for some time.

The plan was to spray paint some old tins in a pretty, minty green. (Actual colour name? Pistachio. Why? Because it's what they had at Canadian Tire when I went in.)

Simple project right? But even the simplest projects can be frustrating.

The thing is this: I've spray painted a TONNE of crap over the years, so you'd think I'd know better, but nonetheless, I made a rookie mistake this time around. I rushed.

And what was the result? Gloppy, drippy coverage and a big fat rage black out.
Dang it. 

It's not that bad and it's not that big of a deal. The tins were free - picked out of the recycling. And the paint cost less than $10 and there's still plenty left in the can. But I HATE those damn drips, mostly because they're entirely my own fault. I suppose I can wait until the tins are fully dry, then sand out my mistakes and respray. But dang. That's a lot of extra work on a project that should have been simple.

I am an impatient person. This is one of my major flaws. And it makes me take short cuts when I shouldn't. I also have a tendency to get cocky. I'd spray painted so many times before, I decided I no longer needed to follow the rules. Stupid stupid stupid.

When you're doing a project like this, for goodness sake, don't do what I did. Take the time to do it right. Set it up properly. Do LIGHT, smooth layers of paint, giving coats time to dry before applying additional paint. Be PATIENT. 

Now, if only I could learn to take my own advice. Sigh.

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