I blogged for Nyman Ink about an interesting development in the world of Pinterest today.

And then I promptly deleted all my boards.

Read the blog and the associated links for the whole story, but the basic gist is this:
Pinterest (like many social media sites) just isn't COOL. The terms of service aren't cool.

I love social media and I want to use these great new services, but I just can't get behind this kind of legal manipulation. Until something changes, I won't be using Pinterest. I've created a poster (a very simple, kind of ugly poster) to that effect.

Feel free to pin it and share it. It's free.

Technically I own it, because I made it, but I give you all permission to use it, pin it, post it on your blogs, etc. Go nuts.
See? See how out in the open and easy and clear that was? That's how Pinterest should be.

Lame Terms of Service aren't chic. Spread the word.

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