Spent four days in small town Ontario this weekend. My family cottage is on Long Point -- a beautiful Lake Erie peninsula. On Labour Day weekend, the beach-adjacent town of Port Rowan holds their annual Bay Fest extravaganza. It used to be called Tomato Fest. Alas, the local tomato fields and cannery are gone now and with them, a lot of the festival magic. Nonetheless, it was a nice time. The weather was chilly and windy and bright. It felt like fall. Nate and I thrifted, rode the Ferris wheel (shown in the distance in the first shot), ate fudge, watched the hoola-hoop competition and the frog toss, and generally had a lovely time. The spoils of our thrifting will likely be shown later in the week, but for now, in honour of wordless Wednesday (which I'm terrible at... hence this block of text), here are some of the sights:
The Bay Fest midway (in the distance) on a bright and chilly Saturday.
Port Rowan boat houses.
Corn and soy, divided.
The town ice cream parlor.
A pumpkin patch. Apparently, many Ontario crops have been early this year and our local gourds are already ripe for the picking.

* Port Rowan - Lake Erie Bay photo by Jen Selk.
* Port Rowan Boat Houses photo by Pearly85 from Flickr.
* Farm photo by Rene Cerney from Stock Xchng.
* Twins Ice Cream photo by mcthebest from Flickr.
* Pumpkin Time photo by Betty George from Stock Xchng.
all photos have cc licenses and are attributed as indicated


09/10/2010 8:38pm

Nice picture Jen!

09/10/2010 9:20pm

Thanks, Sis. Lucky shot. Nice day, nice light.


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