I'm no Diane Keaton. In addition to being thirty years younger and significantly more jiggly (in all areas), I just don't have what it takes to rock the menswear look.

Nonetheless I am addicted to vintage ties these days. ADDICTED. Even if I only have five minutes, if I pass a Goodwill, I will pop in just to take a quick peep at the ties. (If I only have five minutes, I try not to look at anything else, because if I see something I can't have or can't carry out I know it will only annoy me, but I a tie I can get for the price of a coffee, and if I find one in my bag, I can be sure it will fit in my purse.) Anyway.

Ties. I found this clover-motif one just last week. Price? $2.99. Designer? Paul Smith. Original price? Not sure, actually, but ties on the current website sell for a minimum of 59.00 British pounds, which is over $100 Canadian dollars. Deal? As always ... YES!

Paul Smith is a fashion guru I don't  know much about. (See menswear/jiggly thing, above.) He's a white guy, aging, dapper. I'm not sure what line this tie comes from (do you?) What I know is how much I love it. The graphic pattern, the sheen, the heft of it. It's a beautiful thing. My man wore it to Christmas dinner. But he's really not much of a tie guy, so maybe I'll ultimately include it in some sort of create design project. I'll let you know.

More tie finds to come. (Including a HUGE bounty of ties by Elsa Schiaparelli, also snagged at my local Goodwill.)



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