This past weekend, in a fit of what can only be described as insanity, I decided to rearrange all the furniture in my already-perfectly-arranged bedroom.

I don't know why. I just felt like it. The next thing I knew, I was sweating like a pig, the dust bunnies were everywhere, and everything was where it shouldn't be.

And now I'm thinking I need to take the change further. After two years in this bedroom, I'm ready to paint. The walls need it. They are irregularly primed and kind of stained, but I've put it off because I just wasn't sure what I wanted.

And now I think I'm sure. But I'm still nervous.

I'm thinking of going dark. REALLY dark. Deep, midnight blue, or peacock green. But maybe this is too wild? What do you think? Too bold?

Here are a few inspiration shots to get you in the mood. Please weigh in! I need some support (or discouragement, as the case may be).


08/04/2011 3:53pm

Jen, if anyone can pull this off, it's you! Do it!

Cooking for Madison
08/04/2011 3:58pm

I think I like the dark blue best, although I've been toying with the idea of painting my bedroom a deep charcoal grey. I think black might be too much and green can be a bit overwhelming. I say go for it!

Emily M
08/04/2011 5:09pm

I think dark colours only work in large spaces with ample natural lighting. Otherwise your dark wall colour will suck up any light. Dark = sad. Bright = happy. YAY! :)

Oh so long ago I painted my living room a lovely dark green colour. I loved the colour, but hated the effect it had on the room - I completely regretted it!!

08/04/2011 5:12pm

I had a dark blue bedroom once that was awesome... i LOVED it. I am a fan of the charcoal gray as well.

08/04/2011 5:34pm

I like the gray, but as Emily says in the winter when it's constantly dark, may be a little cold.

Could start with the wall behind the bed, as an accent wall see how you like that... leave the other walls white... or something.

08/04/2011 8:55pm

I say go for it....I like dark grey...or go for a dark navy blue.....and brighten it up with bedding, lamps and room accessories.

Emily M
08/05/2011 10:08am

+1 for accent wall!!

08/05/2011 10:36pm

Had I painted my room blue when you came to visit? The room in Brighton? If not, it was the best disaster I ever created!!!

I wanted a bright shocking blue, but only on ONE wall. Just one. I've seen it done with just one red wall, or black, or whatever. but I painted the south wall of my tiny bedroom a deep - unromantically-labeled "airforce blue".

I loved it, but had no understanding of how to paint. It's a little more difficult than dip - brush - dip - brush. You have to MIX the paint before you dip and brush! Did you know this? I did not, and therefore my blue came out in patchy shades.

But I cared not.

The other things is, that even though the paint can label may say "drip-free" when there is a drip on the wall, it does NOT flatten itself out!! I ignored all of the drips as they slowly hardened on my new blue wall, thinking that they would disapparate.

I also mis-calculated the amount of paint I would actually need to cover the entire wall, and ran out of blue half way through.

The result: a patchy-blue, drip-textured, bedroom wall with color that suddenly came to a halt.

No matter. A few pictures on the wall to hide the patchy parts, a bookshelf in front of where the color ran out, and who cares about a few hardened drips? No one could see them anyway. My room was always super messy, and there was plenty of distractions for the eye.

Happy painting. x

08/06/2011 12:26pm

Jen - I debated the same thing last summer and we went for it and painted our bedroom walls an amazing navy blue. I still LOVE it. The drama of the dark colour is awesome. I say go for it!!!

08/15/2011 4:16pm

I'm going for it, guys! Stay tuned for another post about it.


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