So remember when I posted about wanting a door knocker? (It was just last week! You better remember.) Anyway, I posted about that because I really wanted to do a little mini-makeover on our front door. And I've done it!

We live in a rental and our front door was pretty ugly before, but thanks to a little paint and a heavy iron knocker from The Door Store in Toronto, I'm loving it now.

The Door Store was recommended to me by Jen at Rambling Renovators. I'd seen the place on TV, but never been inside. I LOVED IT. While a lot of the hardware they had was a bit out of my reach, price-wise, we were able to find something neat for only $35. And yes... it features a bird.

I put a bird on it. AGAIN. Deal with it.

Okay, so let's take a look:
Good, right? The flat black paint hides the dings and imperfections of the old door pretty well, AND it makes the vintage hardware pop.

Here's a shot of the mail slot (at the bottom of the door, not shown in the first pics):
And here's one of the bird-knocker, up close.
What do you think? Good?

And for the record, I will never stop putting a bird on it. NEVER.


09/19/2011 2:23pm

love the store too! The perfect go to place for fireplace mantel and I picked up a fantastic piece of round marble for a side table for $60!

Glad you discovered the door store and love the bird knocker!

09/20/2011 10:15am

That looks perfect! I like the flat black paint and the verdigris mail slot too. Such nice details. Glad you found what you wanted!

09/24/2011 7:41pm

Sooo much better, wow!
I painted my front door black, well not on the outside, but inside...we have an HOA - so we cant paint it unfortunately.


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