I came across an adorable elephant tea pot recently that I felt I just had to buy, even though I already have a perfectly good teapot in my cupboard already. Here it is:
For several weeks, the little dude's been sitting on my counter, waiting to be used.

Finally, a few days ago,  because I was sick, I got around to making some tea. And you know what I found?

This tea pot sucks.

I mean... it's awful. Truly.

Worst. Design. Ever.

You have to turn it practically upside to get any tea out, which makes liquid seep out from under the lid, likely burning your hands. And the holes on the inside of the pot are so small, you can only pour a slow-moving, measly dribble.

This is seriously annoying.

So, since functionality is nil, I'm going back to my old pot. But what to do with this elephant? I don't want to give him to Goodwill where he may be bought by some unsuspecting individual who will soon find him/herself with scalded hands. And besides, the thing's cute. It doesn't work in the way it's intended, but it's still cute.

So, I thought: planter.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but this planter idea isn't really working, is it? What can I do differently to make this elephant useful in some way? Do you think it would be better with a different kind of plant inside? Help!


02/08/2012 8:16pm

hahaha..funny post. in this case you need function over form...hmm maybe it will look better with potted flowers? succulents maybe?

02/10/2012 8:38pm

Very chia pet! I like it as a planter!

02/24/2012 5:56pm

oh my gosh I love this elephant teapot turned planter. Amazing. Am jealous.

07/09/2014 9:19am

send him to me i have a collection and he will have friends

08/26/2014 1:00pm

Use it as a sugar pot !


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