Yep. I'm still being a bad blogger, but I do have some news. I'm getting REALLY CLOSE to the proper launch of my web store: Will & Bequeath! I even put together this little collage of some of the stuff that I'll be listing. 
What do you think, world? Are these little vintage dealies interesting enough? I think the store will end up having a lot of glassware. And I've realized I seem to have a penchant for animal object -- hipster squirrels, horse book ends, that sort of thing. Feedback would be greatly appreciated!
I've been a bad blogger for awhile now, I know. There's been some stuff going on, and I haven't been feeling too well. But that's no excuse! (Maybe I'll get around to sharing some of the details in the personal blog soon.) In the meantime, I thought I'd write a quick and dirty post about a few of the things I JUST love but don't have. For example:

The Dwell Studio Peacock Citrine bedding set.
ACTUALLY, what I really (really) want is bedding like this, as seen in the Design*Sponge Sneak Peek of  Susan and William Brinson's house. But I have no idea what it is. The Dwell bedding, if unaffordable, is at least available.
Anyway. Onward. I would also like:

A Moravian Star light fixture (or hanging candle holder, or whatever - I just love the Moravian star shape in general).
Some kind of giant, rustic chopping block or cheese platter thingy.
A big fat (complete?) Jadeite collection, a-la Martha Stewart.
Vintage pheasant (or peacock) salt and pepper set (metal).
Anyway. These are just the things I'm thinking about getting when I win the lottery.

Have a good weekend, everyone. I'll try to get back to proper blogging next week.
As someone who's been known to craft the occasional clay finger or diseased mushroom, I've got to respect someone like Martha Todd (a British ceramic artist I recently discovered online, when I'm sure I was supposed to be doing something else).

I know it's not everybody's taste, but I find her stuff delightfully creepy and ugly and wonderful in that way that maybe only weirdos like me can appreciate. Take a look and tell me what you think.
I know it's pretty wacky stuff, but can you see what I like about it? Or am I alone out here?
Well, I've decided. I bought four Eiffel chairs. Two regular ones and two arm chairs.

I never intended to do a mix, but Nate felt the arm chairs were more comfortable, and they weren't THAT much more expensive, so we compromised.

The lot should be delivered by early next week at the latest. I will be sure to take some pics in context so you can see what I've gotten myself into.

I have no idea if I made the right decision. But here's hoping. Cross fingers. And for goodness sake, leave me some supportive comments to ease my mind, would ya?
Okay, so I have a dining set. A complete dining set. As in, a set that came together. A matching set.

This is, allegedly, a design sin.
Now, I agree that most matching dining sets are ugly. The one above practically makes my eyes bleed, it's so ugly.

But my set is MUCH nicer. And in my defense, I inherited it. And beggars can't be choosers. Also, it was made in Canada, likely in the 1940s. It's a warm, aged colour. The oval table has two leaves in perfect condition, and while the caning on two of the six chairs is damaged, that's only because my friends are aggressive asses. Or rather, they have aggressive asses.

The buffet features roller doors and felt lined silverware drawers and all in all, it's pretty nice.

But it matches.

And that bugs me.

So, I've been thinking of getting some new chairs. I'm not sure I can justify this, either financially or practically, but it's what I'm craving. The caned chairs will have to go into the basement (which is problematic) or I'd have to sell them (more problematic still, both for emotional reasons, and because I find it hard to break ANY set, and especially since two are damaged).

But I'm still considering it.

I'm also dreaming about what NEW chairs would look best with the old table.

At the moment, I'm leaning toward Eames Eiffel chairs, either in white, or multi-coloured (which is to say, a different colour for each chair). What do you think? Authentic Eiffel's are out of my price range, but my lovely Twitter friend Janice (from Life Begins at 30) told me they've got knock-offs at Kitchen Stuff Plus right now. AND they're on sale for $60 apiece.
Do you have any other chair suggestions for me? I want something that provides contrast, that will be practical, and that will stand up to the occasional aggressive man-bum at a drunken party. Ideas?
This isn't a real blog post. It's a wee little blog post. (This week has been crazy.)

Anyway, I just wanted to point out this old photo of Michael Penney's old apartment (shown in House & Home June 2009, photo by Angus Fergusson).
See those birds on the lower left? The pair of pheasants or peacocks or whatever they are?

Do they look familiar!?

If you read the Chic blog regularly, they should. They're EXACTLY like the ones I found at the junk store and spray painted white. (Only, MP's are more of a glossy cream colour.)
In the product listing on the House and Home site, MP's birds are said to be from Value Village. They're also called "ceramic" which I highly doubt. But regardless, they're the same!

I feel strangely validated by this connection. If Michael Penney and I have the similar tastes, I MUST be chic ... right?