Gah. I've been a terrible blogger. I am so swamped with the store. But that doesn't mean I haven't been making anything. Most recently, I did a little craft for Nathan's office that I wanted to share: I made a "sunburst mirror" for the wall. 

I've been collecting sunburts (and other pretty round wall objects) for awhile now, and they've been scattered around our apartment, in different rooms. I was getting tired of the status quo, so I decided to gather them all up and make a new installation in the office/guest room. 
None of these mirrors cost more than $5. And the one I'm going to talk about today is the one in the lower left corner. I made it! Here's how:
  • Get peacock feathers. Mine were from Dollarama. They come in packs of 3 for $2 right now. (So technically, if you didn't have any already, this project might cost $7.) I had some at home already. They're very long. Cut them down to size with regular scissors.
  • Get a round mirror. (Again, mine's from Dollarama. Came in a 3-pack.) 
  • Get out your glue gun and go to town. 
  • Easy peasy.
Be aware that cutting up feathers is messy. I saved all the extra bits of feather that weren't used in this project and hope to find a future use for 'em. I tossed out the bottoms of the quills. 
Before your start gluing your feathers to the back of your mirror, lay them out and arrange them in a way that you think looks good. Also, here's a tip: Don't press down too hard on the quills when applying them to your bead of glue, or your feathers will turn sideways. Quills aren't quite round. There's a ridge you want them to rest on in order for the feathers to display properly. You want to place each quill gently into the bead of glue.  Anyway, it's hard to explain, but if you try this, you'll see what I mean.
Now glue glue glue! When I finished and the glue was dry, I applied a piece of self-adhesive felt over the back to hide the mess of glue and the backs of the feathers. Then I glued a little loop of string to the back for hanging purposes.
One last thought that may be obvious: peacock feathers are a natural material, so they're not uniform. If they're too unruly for you, you can always give them a hair cut to make them more uniform. I will probably trim mine up a little with scissors. 

I know it's a bit sparse, but I think once grouped with the other mirrors, this guy fits right in. And I didn't want to spend much more money on more feathers.

One thing I think the project could use is "border" for the mirror. I know I have an embroidery hoop somewhere, so I might try gluing that on. I think it will make the piece look more finished.

Anyway, the mirror wall will continue to grow. I've got a pot holder (believe it!) than will work as a mirror, as well as a laurel wreath that might look better with a mirror in the centre. Will share more as the wall display grows.

Happy feathering.