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Happy Mama’s Day!

MAMA LIFE | Happy Mama’s Day! This bullshit holiday has wormed into my black and shrivelled heart. 

Good lord, I am such a SUCKER.

Like, I never thought I’d be the sort of person who gave a shit about something like “Mother’s Day”. It’s not even a real thing! It’s nonsense! At the same time …

Ugh. I’m not, really. I’m not into Mother’s Day. I swear. I mean, not exactly.

It’s just that my tiny kid doing little sweet things to make me happy, giving me “gifts” and pictures … it’s so sweet, it’s melting my icy black heart. Clearly, I’ve been hosed.

Being a parent is such a trip, y’all. I mean, I like Mother’s Day? WHO EVEN AM I RIGHT NOW?

Daddy NKL and The Smeetch made me a very special video in celebration of the day. It’s so cute, and not just because the thought of Nathan trying to work with video editing software is hilarious.

So yeah. Happy Mama’s Day to all those out there who celebrate it.

And of course, to those for whom this day is difficult, for whatever reason (and there are so many reasons) I see you and I send you my love.

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